Resilience Leads program

Unlocking personal leadership and confidence at home or the office workplace in a post Covid 19 World

A strategic program supporting the resilience and wellbeing needs of young people in education and work

The problems young people face:

·   Detachment studying or working from home

·   Lack of confidence or resilience

·   Insecurity, anxiety, uncertainty or loss

·   A tendency to fall into negative thought loops

·   Frustration that their efforts are not recognised

·   Technological drain working within an “always connected culture”

·   Unfulfilled and undervalued

·   Understanding and controlling the ego


The benefits:

·   Increase confidence, personal fulfilment and self esteem

·   Develop personal leadership, performance, grit and focus

·   Master soft skills and a thirst for lifelong learning

·   Improve smart thinking, self-expression and mental wellbeing

·   Realise possibilities and access entrepreneurial skills, innovation and creativity.

·   Develop empathy, trust and engagement within team situations.

·   Create a personalised roadmap for developing resilience, purpose and increased self-awareness, humility and authenticity through change.

·   Access the LEAD mindfulness formulae to manage the early warning signs of stress and remain composed through challenge or emergency.

·   Unlock the ability to view life and work as meaningful by identifying your unique “why”.


The unique solution:

•  LEAD stands for Liberate Emotions Achieve Desires

•  Resilience mind set skills and personal leadership roadmap demonstrated via video

•  The resilience LEAD program also engages through creativity, gamification, narrative and practical tools.

Build resilience for your employees via video - Take a quick peek: 

1. Keeping Perspective     2.Mindfulness at your work desk    3.Controlling the ego      4.Unfolding your resilience

5. Resilience in your goals    6. Resilience poem


Engage and celebrate your teams growth in personal leadership and resilience