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Inspirational Leads tutoring

Inspirational Leads offers 1:1 tutoring for primary school children and personal leadership and resilience support for secondary/college students.  We also provide students with SAT exam preparation skills and key learning support for transition.

A class inspirationalleads is led by a well-respected teacher with 25 year experience teaching at OFSTED “outstanding” standard and success unlocking student potential. Tony shares a thorough knowledge of a range of learning styles, engaging young minds, support with S.E.N. and school individual education programs.


A unique service offering:

·       Bespoke Tutoring sessions uniquely designed around student interests, hobbies or goals.

·       Highly engaging and practical teaching styles

·       Inspiring sessions that develop student confidence, resilience and focus.

·       Demonstrate and equip your child with the “smart” skills required for self-expression, empathy, trust and engagement within team situations.

·       Create a personalised roadmap for developing resilience (grit), self-motivation, purpose and train the mind to increase self-awareness, humility, accountability and authenticity through change.


The Benefits:

• Sustaining motivation and resilience through school, college and work.

• Mental wellbeing, self-belief/esteem purpose and meaning.

• Adapting to multiple career steps.

• Positive mental outlook that includes mastering empathy, authenticity and humility.

• Ability to create solutions that meet the needs of others.

• Co-operative skills and team player.

• now HOW to think not What

• Solve problems globally

Extensive testimonials, enhanced DBS certification and Life coach qualification

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Unlocking your child’s resilience and mind set to thrive in the challenging World of education and work begins with…      “Inspiration”

We are continually fed through media channels about the importance of installing confidence, resilience and mental wellbeing in our children as the necessary paving stones toward building a fulfilled adult life. It can be frustrating and stressful however for any parent observing the unprecedented change in the World, knowing that their child is at the vulnerable centre of this shift.

Of course parents don’t want to transfer all their anxiety onto their children and simply long for an uplifting, practical and sustainable solution that would provide a road map to support their child.

The one human quality, guaranteed to ignite any child’s resilience for the challenges ahead is INSPIRATION!

Inspiration comes from the Latin “to be infused with spirit” and being spiritual in nature it’s the perfect human quality that can weather any storm.

Resilience is a skill rather than a personality trait. Spending time with a highly inspiring mentor provides children with the opportunity to observe and exercise the mental attributes of confidence, humility, authenticity and self-belief.  


            “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember, involve me, I’ll understand.”

                                                          Chinese proverb


The World is going to require great problem solvers to tackle environmental and societal challenges so it’s vital our children are encouraged to exercise imagination, initiative, adaptability, open mindedness and creativity. To be inspired fosters these entrepreneurial qualities and allows young people to explore exactly what skills and qualities constitute great leadership. It’s important to note that the best leaders are those that inspire and care for the development and wellbeing of their colleagues.

Inspirational people naturally develop the skills to learn how to learn, and this is becoming increasingly important for organisational agility.

It’s also important to share with our young people that fulfilment comes through developing what they already have…the spirit of life!

Isn’t inspiration about reaching higher?


but our young people need to understand their bright light within is all that’s needed to illuminate their unique life journey rather than continually wishing to be someone else or looking elsewhere for instant gratification.

Or to put it another way, growth is about developing what’s already in front of you.

Exposure to Inspiration allows children to conquer fear and mine their own limitless vein of gold!

Tony Mallett


Tony is an OFSTED “outstanding” teacher/tutor with 25 year experience, qualified life/resilience coach, published author, and wellbeing at work trainer, musician and inspirational speaker.

Tony offers highly inspiring, engaging and innovative tuition sessions designed around pupil hobbies or interests to empower greater confidence, focus and success.

Tony is also an inspirational speaker specialising in sixth form/college students presentations empowering young people with the resilience skills for the world of work.

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