Business support

Tony has played a key role in upgrading the mindset of the Gifted Systems employees. Through his unique communicational skills the motivation of the team has been lifted through a period of growth. Enabled, the staff at every level effectively manage themselves and each other through high stress and unique situations in the changing environment. Our continued relationship has contributed to Gifted Systems transformation, the impact reaching beyond our growing circle.

Lloyd Naylor

Manager at Gifted Systems Professional I.T. services.

Leeds. U.K.

Working with Tony was a great experience for all our staff. Being able to understand the importance of Self Actualization really helped our team to understand their full potential and how to take steps to unlock it! The workshop was fun and very engaging and we are already looking forward to our next meeting.

“Tony has the ability to connect, communicate, inspire and develop innovative ideas to engage people, creativity. Tony is great at using his vast knowledge of teaching and wellbeing to get underneath the real challenges and opportunities for his clients.” 

“Tony is a true inspiration. Tony has a unique ability to take complex information and share it in a way that is accessible and easy to apply. His dedication to study and sharing of powerful insights that inspire change and progress with everyone he meets is truly amazing. Companies that have worked with Tony have enjoyed better productivity and increased levels of wellbeing and positivity within their teams. I can recommend Tony as a genuine 'agent of change' and someone who wants to see you and your company win. Working with him will both increase profits and long term progress within your business.”

I had the pleasure of getting to know Tony several years back, and we have since had many inspiring conversations about business, the curiosities of life and much more. Tony has made many engaging and creative videos as well as written publications where he clearly shows an understanding and knowledge of teaching. His creative mind has been very inspiring to many people, and I am sure this will continue in the future as well. I look forward to our next encounter, Tony!

Frode Stolen Sonstebo

Inspirational speaking

Tony gave our club an inspirational talk based on his experience at airports and the vision it created for him. It captivated our members and was very different to our normal talks. The use of props was exceptional and complemented his theme. It was humorous but very factual drawing on all of his experiences. Thoroughly recommend his talk.

John May

Club President Swinton and Mexburough Probus Club

“Another great opportunity was to hear Tony Mallett, who came from England, Leeds. He is experienced outstanding teacher, life coach, author, and entrepreneur, inventor, artist, and published songwriter. We are looking forward to hear his voice more and more in his upcoming audio book – “There is a reason why you are holding this book in your hands”. He was great inspiration for all of us. Some of attendees even said that it seems he has stepped out of Movie The Secret, released in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor and others. And the feeling about his presentation is exact the same for me!”

“A truly innovative proposition which was created by listening to the local community needs and providing a solution to meet those exact requirements.”

                                                                              Mudasar Din

“After attending Tony’s presentation, I felt a sense of positivity that I can succeed in my job and life. All I need to do is use what I have already – my mind! It has changed the way I encounter every day seeing the good rather than the bad. Tony’s presentations have taught me to be less cynical and to treasure the little things in everyday!”

                                                                         Candice Sloper.

1:1 Tuition and education

My nine-year-old son has had Mr. Mallet as a tutor for just over one year. During this time I have seen a notable change in his learning. He has improved not only academically but also in his overall attitude to learning. My son is deaf and can miss huge chunks of what is said to him. Falling further and further behind his peers his attitude to learning can be one of avoidance...don’t try and you won’t experience failure. During his time with Mr. Mallet he has thrived, he wants to learn and has made progress. Mr. Mallet provides truly bespoke tasks for him at every session so that it doesn’t feel arduous or boring. His desire for knowledge has increased. However the greatest change has been in my son’s attitude, he has learnt that to try and fail is ok and that failure is a success if we learn from it. As a paediatrician I know that successful people have a goal and have the desire to achieve despite obstacles and setbacks. I have seen Mr. Mallet instil this resilience in my child. Hopefully my child will be left with something which will stand him in good stead to build a successful future.


I have known Tony as a teaching colleague from September 2001 until 2017. Throughout this time he was a valued member of staff; always striving to ensure the children in his class felt confident, believed in themselves and learnt the skills and concepts in order to make great progress. Tony’s positivity and enthusiasm never wavered; he always demonstrated great self-awareness and understanding of how to get the best from others, whether this was children or adults.  Tony was dedicated to enabling children to reach their potential whilst providing them with a safe and caring environment, where the children felt empowered to take the risks that help them to learn. Tony took responsibility for several different areas of the curriculum. These ranged from science and information technology to music. Tony would support other members of the staff team to develop these curriculum areas within their own classrooms; furthermore he would provide training and share his expertise with them in order that they could teach these subjects effectively. Tony works well as a member of a team, he can take on the role of the leader but can also follow direction where this is required; he is always willing to devote his time and energy to any task that needs doing. Tony acts professionally at all times and is an exemplary role model in his conduct not only as a curriculum leader but when he is teaching in the classroom. Tony has always been held in high regard by colleagues, parents and governors of our school.



Tony is extremely creative, an ideas person committed to children’s learning as well as his own self-improvement. He had vision and always strived to get the best from his students, as well as himself. Tony was a positive role model, reliable and amiable, always demonstrating a sense of purpose and always setting personal goals and targets. He made good relationships with students, their parents and staff, was honest, reliable and trust worthy. He demonstrated integrity and was reflective and open to feed back. He was extremely innovative, introducing new ideas and ways of approaching the curriculum in order to keep students motivated and engaged and learning meaningful. I have followed his career with great interest and note that he has as much energy now as he had as a younger man. He is extremely analytical and committed to making a difference through encouraging others to have self-belief and confidence in their own ability. His philosophical attitude to life, combined with his approachability, results in his ability to hook others in and give them impetus to succeed. His personal drive inspires others to achieve and is infectious.



Tony is a true inspiration, both personally and professionally. His focus and dedication to helping others thrive and expand their knowledge are truly remarkable. Tony is a deep thinker and has a rare ability to share and articulate his thoughts into practical ways employees can grasp and apply. He clearly has a deep wanting to share all he has learned so they can benefit and grow in their lives. Working or hiring Tony as a coach is a smart choice for any business or individual who wants to thrive in the modern world. I am very confident that any who works with him will find it a joy and a pleasure as she helps them to grow and develop essential skills and knowledge for challenging modern-day life.

Mike Hendricks


Tony has the ability to connect, communicate, inspire and develop innovative ideas to engage people, creativity, Tony is great at using his vast knowledge of teaching and wellbeing to get underneath the real challenges and opportunities for his clients.

Jo Smedley